Bank Guarantee Funding

Complete set of Bank Guarantee Funding to Non-Recourse Loan for

Leased and Owned Bank Guarantees.

BG Funding

Service Description

We will provide 100% financing against any Sovereign Guarantee for Private Projects. We will provide 100% financing on any Private Project having a Local/international Bank Guarantee.

A bank guarantee consists of a bank/financial institution offering to repay a debtor’s liabilities in case the debtor fails to do so. Zenith, LLC provide bank guarantee services for companies operating in various industries. Bank guarantee has a swift code of mt760 and it is the European form of a standby letter of credit. We provide bank guarantee services in a timely manner while saving the clients from complicated paperwork. A bank guarantee can be issued for a period of one year and one day (minimum being 6 months) and can be extended till the time period of five years.

To proceed We will need to have a letter from the Bank issuing the Guarantee stating that they are ready, willing and able to issue the guarantee we need (Unconfirmed Letter of Credit by SWIFT MT-700).

We provide 2 types of Bank Guarantee Funding settlement methods!

1/ Bank Swift – We use the Bank Swift Network to have the Bank Guarantee delivered Bank to Bank using Swift MT760.

2/ Euroclear – We use the Euroclear Network because the Euroclear settlement process is fast, transparent and uses the Free Euroclear Delivery process so clients do not incur any swift fees or Delays. Euroclear is a well established European financial transaction settlement network that was founded in 1968 by JP Morgan and continues to operate successfully employing over 3500 people today.

Zenith, LLC Bank Guarantee Funding services are ideal for clients looking to Discount, Monetize, Fund or create an immediate Non Recourse loan against a Leased Bank Guarantee that they control. The Bank Guarantee Funding process for Leased Bank Guarantees issues Non Recourse funds to the Client shortly after the Bank Guarantee is delivered to the Bank Guarantee Funder.

Security for trade finance and line of credit

Our clients pick by reference to adopt collateral transfer facilities or lease Bank Guarantees as they often need to raise urgent business capital and do not have adequate security to borrow it conventionally. It’s also equally common that they need to raise large sums of capital to enter trade positions or to temporarily underpin large commercial transactions such as buy or sell products or for use as surety.

A leased Bank Guarantee can be used for the following transactions;

  • Trading and overdraft security
  • Raising Loans and line of Credit
  • Security for credit facilities such as trade finance
  • security against loss or damage and other third-party financial commitments

BG Funding For Trade/Projects

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