Bank Guarantee

An advance payment guarantee acts as collateral for reimbursing advance payment from the buyer if the seller does not supply the specified goods per the contract



If you want to Lease a Bank Guarantee, we provide Guarantee of Non-recourse funding from one of the top 25 banks in the world.



Bank guarantees and LC are both used in international transactions, yet, the market for BG is much larger than LC’s.


project finance

Lease Bank Guarantee for financing various projects repay with the revenues generated by the project itself.


Payment guarantee

Bank Guarantee eliminates the risk of payment failure

A bank guarantee is a type of guarantee issued by a lending institution. The bank guarantee means a lending institution ensures that the liabilities of a debtor will be met. In other words, if the debtor fails to settle a debt, the bank will cover it. A bank guarantee enables the trader/buyer, to acquire goods, manage a project or draw down a loan.

Bank Guarantee promotes confidence in a transaction that will greatly encourage the process. It is a promise to make payment to a third party under certain circumstances, such as the failure of obligations from the buyer. In action, the Bank Guarantee is relatively simple. If for example, Company A is a relatively small trading company that needs $5 million worth of product. The seller may request a guarantee of payment in order to feel more secure in producing and shipping the goods. The Bank Guarantee eliminates the risk of payment failure and encourages trade on a mass scale. The Bank Guarantee enables companies to purchase goods from suppliers which, without it, could have denied the buyer due to the risk surrounding a transaction with no guarantee of payment.

How can a Bank Guarantee help your business grow?

A bank guarantee is a broad term and there are different types of bank guarantee that can help businesses grow successfully. For example, a small commodity trader is dealing with a multinational company on a supply of goods. They might require some form of a promise to have the relevant financial backing to complete that transaction. A bank would conduct due diligence on the small company and would act as a ‘Guarantor’ to the multinational company; ensuring that the small trader will complete the deal on certain terms. A bank guarantee is a surety bond. This bond is often addressed to a larger institution by which the bank pledges (and contractually agrees) to pay an agreed amount under particular conditions.

Benefits Of Bank Guarantee

A commodity trader/buyer is not required to make an advance payment in case of bank guarantee, thus the funds are used more effectively.

Buyer gains reliable partner status

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Buyer gains reliable partner status at local and international markets, benefits from various partnership opportunities and is able to demand more relevant conditions from partners

Seller is protected from default

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Seller is protected from a default of Buyer on payment and is able to perform prompt sales without asking advance payment

Bank guarantee requires less number of documents

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Bank guarantee requires less number of documents, no necessity for collateral and, as a result, the customer receives the letter of guarantee within a shorter period of time and commission fee for services is also very low.

Bank Guarantees offer financial credibility

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A Bank Guarantees offer financial credibility, being backed by a large institution such as a bank. And a Bank Guarantee can be paid in different currencies, terms of the contract can be negotiated upon worldwide.

The difference between BG and LC

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Although Letters of Credit and Bank guarantees are similar, as both revolve around instilling confidence in the transaction, they do have dividing elements. The main difference, however, is that an LC ensures that a transaction goes ahead, whereas a BG reduces any loss incurred if the transaction does not go ahead.

Leased Bank Guarantee

We provide Leased Bank Guarantees from some of the top banks in the world and utilize Bloomberg, Euroclear screen block and the SWIFT network as well. We use SWIFT MT799 to deliver bank to bank leased guarantees, as well as SWIFT MT760.

The reason why we stand as one of the most reliable BG providers.

When we’re leasing, monetizing, funding bank guarantees, we only work with the most reliable, safe, ethical, knowledgeable, honest and efficient providers.

Here are the reasons why zenith, LLC should be your best choice.

If you want to lease a bank guarantee through us, we will take clear steps by providing a Bank Guarantee issued via MT-760. No upfront payment or collateral is required from our clients until BG is issued.

Our partners are genuine, proven, authentic providers, large financial institutions and bankers with over 25 years of experience in leasing and funding Bank Guarantee transactions. If you have a supplier we will help you close the deal by providing the right BG to fund your trade.

We provide comprehensive, integrated bank guarantee issuing and monetization Program with proven providers. Hundreds of people are frantically trying to find a BG issuer and funder who will work together. We have a team of providers who know how to get the job done.

The industry is shrouded in secrecy, staked with misinformation and filled with uninformed brokers and clients. We see information as power and provide you with more detailed information, comprehensive explanations, honest answers and warnings of what to watch out for.

The bank guarantee for the domestic trade and the standby letter of credit for the international trade are particularly suitable in the context of regular orders received with the same client. Beware of restrictive covenants used by some banks which degrade the level of guarantee.

Zenith, LLC provide a bank guarantee to enable clients to make purchases that they would otherwise not be able to make, these guarantees thus serve to heighten business activity and expand entrepreneurial activity.


performance guaranteed

We have never failed any transaction after a contract is signed with clients. Clients have never complained of not performing.

brokers are welcome

We value and appreciate brokers working with us and protect them from any potential circumvention. Brokers can earn up to 1% on each successful transaction.


Be careful, a lot of traders have lost so much money chasing unknown bank guarantee providers by naively given away their money upfront to criminals.

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